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當完成DDT 【DeepDiscountTrading】
Thank You for submitting your account application. You have been "Pre-Approved". Once we receive a clear copy of your Photo ID, then your "Final Approval" will be issued. If you have the ability to "Scan & E-mail" your ID, then please forward it to me directly. Please click on the attachment for your "Trading Account Info" document. Please print it out & keep it next to your computer because it contains your Trading Account #, Wiring Instructions, & other Important information to reach the "Trade Desk" for Emergency back-up. Based on your initial investment amount, we will need to confirm your answers to the following platform parameter questions before you fund your trading account :
Which Trading Platform / Feed are you interested in ?
Which specific Contract Symbols do you plan on actually trading ? (You can always enable new contract symbols later on too)
Will you be trading Futures or Options or Both ?
What is the Maximum # of contracts that you would trade on any given "Order" ?
How did you Originally hear about us ?
Also depending on the Trading Platform / Feed you choose, the Clearing Firm may have a "Risk Management" feature attached to your Trading Platform / Feed called "Maximum Loss Per Day" for your Protection & for the Protection of the Clearing Firm. Once you completely Exit a trade after you hit your chosen dollar loss amount for the day (Flat with No Working orders), then no new orders can be submitted thru your trading platfrom for the day (but please keep in mind that your open position will not automatically close out once you hit your chosen dollar loss amount for the day, so you must always manage your open position properly).What would you like your daily dollar loss amount to be set at ?  (You can set your daily dollar loss amount to be as little or as large as you like within 33% of your trading account balance & you can always have it adjusted anytime you like)

I will always be your Account Executive in the background to help you get set up and to make sure that you are being serviced Fast & Efficiently. I have been a Licensed Series 3 Commodity Broker for over 17 years Specializing in Online Trading & I also trade my own personal account. So if you should have any "General" trading questions, then I can answer most questions from my personal experience. Also, I tell all my clients; "If you are not 100% Happy with our service, then I will Close Out your account instantly with no delays, hassles, or penalties". Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns (days, nights, or weekends).

Welcome Aboard,
Howard Lender {Manager}
(Please set your Spam Filter to always accept my e-mails)  
3.完成"Final Approval" 
   a.Which Trading Platform / Feed are you interested in ? 
       選擇Sierra Chart(如果你想交易歐元、澳幣、輕原油、黃金、Mini-S&P...)
       選擇CQG                (如果你想交易摩台指)
   b.Which specific Contract Symbols do you plan on actually trading ? (You can always
       enable new contract symbols later on too)
   c.Will you be trading Futures or Options or Both ?
    d.What is the Maximum # of contracts that you would trade on any given "Order" ?
                 隨便寫一下,當然適中大小即可。Eu currency , 20 Lot/day
     e.How did you Originally hear about us ?
"Trading Account Info"

Your Trading Account # & Title :  FORxxxxx  (Customer's Name)    
*(Always Double-Check Your Commissions On Your Equity Statement Sent To You By E-mail)
*(Always Double-Check Your Positions On Your Equity Statement To Avoid Any Surprises)
*(Always Save Your Monthly Equity Statements For Past Reference & For Tax Purposes)
*(Always Keep A Manual Record Of All Your Trades In Case Of Any Internet Disconnection)
*(Please Set Your Spam Box To Accept E-Mails From DeepDiscountTrading & Crossland)



最後記得在備註欄裡寫上你的,FORxxxxx  (Customer's Name)(上面有)



有任何問題都可以寫mail 給DDT 的Manager Howard,回覆速度很快唷。

Bank Wire Instructions :  *(Your Bank Account Title Must Match Your Trading Account Title)

1.) Fifth Third Bank (Headquarters)
     38 Fountain Square Plaza
     Cincinnati , OH . 45202
     ABA # 042000314
     *International Wires, Include Swift Code : FTBCUS3C (For USD Funds Only)
2.) Credit To :  Crossland Customer Segregated Account # 7236529363
     141 West Jackson Blvd., Suite # 1710 - A
     Chicago , IL . 60604
3.) Further Credit To :  Your Trading Account # & Title (You Must Be The Wire Sender)

U.S. Day Session :  Generally From 7:00am To 3:15pm(CST)
(Please Visit Exchange Websites For Contract Specifications & Holiday Schedules)

Trading Platform Support :  "Contact Your Trading Platform Support Department Directly"

Customer Service :  Or  1(312)784-0470  
*(For Changing Your Trading Platform Parameters Or For Requesting Funds)
*(Please Include Your Trading Account # & The Name Of Your Trading Platform / Feed)

Trade Desk ( U.S. Day Session) :  1(312)786-2462
*(Trade Desk Is For "Emergency" Back-Up Exits Only)
*(Always Write Down The Name Of The Order-Taker You Spoke To, Ticket #, & Time)
*(Afterwards, Contact Customer Service To Update Your Platform With Your Exit Trade)
*(Reply To The "Risk Manager" Immediately If He Tries To Contact You By Email Or Phone)

Trade Desk ( U.S. Night Session) :  Call Your Broker *(For "Emergency" Back-Up Exits Only)

Tech Support :  Or  1(312)786-9915 
*(For Position Status, Login Issues, & Error Messages Only - For "Emergency" Back-Up Only)

* IF You Are 100% Happy With My Low Commission Rates & Fast Quality Service, Then Please Spread The Good Word About Me To Other Traders.

Thank You & Good (Luck / Skill) On All Your Trades !! : )
Howard Lender {Manager / Broker}
National & International : 1-888-407-7918