【海外外匯.期貨商品交易】/【國外期貨開戶】/【EA智能自動交易系統】【TraderColo VPS】


最便宜的方案,僅僅只需 $ 35 USD


DataCenter 位於 New York 和 London,接近各外匯保證金server。 

Ideal for most forex traders and our most popular package
      RAM: 1 GB
        Storage: 40 GB
          Data Center: NY or London
            Unlimited Bandwidth
              Monthly Billing
               Starting at $35/mo.

              Active Trader
              Ideal for futures and stock traders running heavy duty algorithms

                RAM: 2 GB

                Storage: 40 GB
               Data Center: NY or London
               Unlimited Bandwidth
               Monthly Billing
               Starting at $70/mo.


              Features & Benefits

              • Ultra low latency
                With servers in New York and London, you are 1-2 ms away from major brokers, banks and hedge funds
              • Trade from anywhere
                Check on your automated strategy from a multitude of devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac
              • No more stress
                Learn to use algorithmic trading to deploy strategies and reduce stress. Algo monitors markets 24 hours
              • Enterprise Solution
                Trade on bleeding edge solutions deployed using VMWare, FlashArray and Dell PowerEdge servers