【國外期貨開戶交易(IB盈透、DDT、AMP)】【當沖交易(Intraday)/維持保證金.注意事項 】【必看】





Margins : Intraday margins apply to the entire "Electronic Trade Session". But once you carry an open position from one Electronic Trade Session into a new Electronic Trade Session, then the Exchange requires that you must have the "Full Initial Margin" per contract within your trading account (until you close your position) or else you will receive a Margin Call & also the possibility of your position being Liquidated.


會要求『全額保證金( "Full Initial Margin" )』直到平倉為止,如果你的帳戶餘額不夠全額保證金

則你將會收到(Margin Call)追繳保證金,倉位(position)也有可能會被自動平倉(清算)

例如:通常歐元(6E),在DDT和AMP當沖只需要約400 USD,一旦超過電子交易時段(留倉)

            全額保證金2675 USD

E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) Globex Trade Session : 5:00pm To 4:15pm (CST) : 45 Minute Close Period :

*Please visit the Exchange websites to confirm all Electronic Trading Hours.

迷你標準普爾 S&P 500500 ( ES )的Globex交易時段:下午5:00至下午四點15分(CST美東):

(通常是台灣在凌晨 05:00 時關閉,休息45 分)


If you should get yourself into a Margin Call situation, then the Margin Call amount (required by the Exchange) will appear near the bottom of your Account Statement.

*Also as a Penalty, the Risk Manager has the discretion to raise your Intraday margin requirement (or he can possibly Close your trading account for any constant problems). Please trade carefully.

當你的倉位選擇(不小心)留倉,Risk Manager 會衡量狀況,以經驗而言通常如果該口交易是賺

錢(盈利)的,那麼剛好你的帳戶餘額不夠全額保證金的話,可能不會被Risk Manager清算平倉


When carrying open positions into the next Electronic Trade Session with the proper Initial margin amount per contract : If your account balance should drop below the Maintenance margin amount per contract, then you would receive a Margin Call requesting to bring your account balance back up to the Initial margin amount per contract again :

這裡提到的就是帳戶餘額不夠全額保證金時,你會收到 Margin Call (催繳保證金)

一般會用Email 和 電話 通知你,接到英文電話時,就回覆I know 或者請他協助平倉close

position或者已經作電匯(wire transfer)

* 預先設定好網銀(至銀行臨櫃辦理約定帳戶),匯出去很快就會到

Caution : When trading contracts during its Night Session, the Open Interest & Volume (Liquidity) is much lower compared to its Day Session. So you may experience heavy slippage on your market order or stop order fills, and you may find it very challenging to get your limit orders filled. Please ask further questions if you do not understand all of the above.

注意:晚上交易時段(Night Session),交易量通常比白天(Day Session)少,所以如果使用

市價單(market order)或者止損單(stop order),有可能會有較大的滑價,限價單(limit order)也有






可以寫email 聯繫DDT,請Risk Manager 放大交易最大口數

當然Risk Manager會衡量你交易的狀況給予調整