之前一直再找這樣的券商能提供同時解決這樣的問題~~~~~~ AMP 終於推出了

只要$100 USD 超低入金門檻,即可『無限制時間』同時擁有模擬(Demo)和實際(Live)交易帳



  • MultiCharts.NET 9.1 – AMPMC – AMP’s FREE Special Edition
  • MultiCharts 9.1 with Easy Language (Subscription version)
  • Sierra Chart
  • X_Trader & X_Trader Pro
  • CQG QTrader & CQG Trader & CQGM (mobile)


Need CME Demo? - Fund an AMP Account with only minimum $100 USD to get Real-Time Non-Expiring Demo – Yes, only $100 USD!!!

With an AMP account funded with a minimum of $100 USD, you will be able to set up live connection.  With this live connection, you will be able to access both your Live and Demo at the same time using  these platforms:
  • MultiCharts.NET 9.1 – AMPMC – AMP’s FREE Special Edition
  • MultiCharts 9.1 with Easy Language (Subscription version)
  • Sierra Chart
  • X_Trader & X_Trader Pro
  • NinjaTrader – limited to only existing NT software users. All Ninjatrader users from any brokerage can transfer into AMP and continue to use NinjaTrader, as long as active before March 11, 2015 – click here for full details:
If you already have an AMP account that is not funded, all you need to do is fund your account with at least $100 and we will get your live connection enabled same day.  If you need your AMP account information, just reply back to this email “Need AMP Account Number”  and we will email it to you.

If you are not an existing AMP customer, open an AMP account via online application, once approved (normally same day) and fund with at least $100 USD and we will get your live connections set up.  Here is the link to AMP online account application:

For All Live CME Connections – CME monthly data fees will apply.  If you are only trading Eminis, Currencies, Meats, Softs – it will only cost you $5.00 per month to maintain your live connection with Real-Time Simulator/Demo.

Here are the available CME data options that you can elect for your live connection:

Bundle - $15.00 - (All CME markets)
CME - $5.00 – Equity Indices, Currencies, Meats, Softs
CBOT - $5.00 – Financials, Grains
NYMEX - $5.00 – Energies
COMEX - $5.00 – Metals
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